Are You Dressing Age Appropriate?

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What to Wear in Your 20s, 30s…..

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Have you ever wondered if you were dressing too old or too young for your age? If the question has crossed your mind before or if anyone has made a comment of the likes, you may want to consider a wardrobe assessment. Becoming more attuned to how people in your age range are dressing can also provide some indication. Additionally, here are a few general characterizations of how women should be dressing at various ages:

  • 20s – Va-va-voom! This is the age to have fun with fashion trends and take risks. It’s ok to show skin, wear form-fitting clothes, and wear flashy colors and prints for play; rules are different at work. If you are dressing frumpy and old-fashion, hurry and get with the program
  • 30s – You can still have a lively wardrobe but it’s time to invest in some quality classic pieces to mix with your trendy items. It’s still okay to dress a bit edgy but make sure your overall look is more sophisticated than your 20s
  • 40s – Seriously….say goodbye to hoochie mamma outfits you wore in your 20s and maybe even into your 30s; even if you have the body to wear skin tight clothes, mini skirts, and show goo-gobs of cleavage. I’m not saying wear “Mom Jeans,” and this doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy by flaunting “the girls” and showing some leg,  but it should be tasteful and classy; for example, go for an exact fit rather than ill fitting. Maintain a youthful look with great skin, hair, and incorporating stylish items into your wardrobe
  • 50s – With age comes wisdom. And, unless your name is Madonna, chic and sophisticated is what you should be going for in your look. Dressing tasteful is key to being respected. In other words, ripped up, booty tight jeans aren’t cute. It doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish and that you need to be covered from head to toe; instead think classy. You can still have fun with color, prints, and trends 
  • 60s – I say 60 is the new 50! (smile) So, just follow the same guidelines for dressing in your 50s

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