It’s not just about improving or updating your look, enhancing your presence or helping you get noticed at work. SHOWING UP is about the total package: looking, acting, projecting and being the part, inside and out. It’s about the relevance, respect and reputation that drive results. It’s not just about getting there, but showing up every day, in every way and activating your personal brand. Our program is designed to maximize all aspects of appearance, behavior and communications, which, along with the four Rs, work in tandem to get you where you need to be professionally and personally: to the very top.

Company/Organization Solutions

ShowUp! corporate solutions range from intimate one-on-one coaching appointments with high-value and high-potential employees to targeted trainings for medium to large groups from any industry. Attendees will walk away from their training ready to roll up their sleeves and SHOW UP, delivering greater performance, efficiency, morale and an overall increased commitment to their personal successes and the success of the overall organization.

Corporate/Group Training

Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer

ShowUp! corporate training sessions can be integrated into existing workplace programming or can be conducted as a series or one-off events. Throughout the planning phases we work with your team to hone in on ways to further grow and develop individual employees, departments or the greater staff so your training can be as powerful as possible.

Choose from one of our three tracks:

  • Track 1: Power Up Your Personal Brand
  • Track 2: Elevate Your Executive Presence
    • Module 1: How You Look: Dress Like a Leader
    • Module 2: How You Act: Social Skills for Leadership Success
    • Module 3: What You Say: Leadership Communication – Part I
    • Module 4: How You Say It: Leadership Communication – Part II
  • Track 3: Dine With DignityTM

Our full day and half-day sessions dive deep into subject matter to generate shift mindsets, build soft skills and incite behavior change. Shorter “quick wins” sessions are designed to build awareness and are a great option for lunch and learns, business resource group (BRG) meetings, team meetings, etc. Download FAQs

No matter the mix of your employee participants – from new hires, to millennials, to managers, to new executives – we’ve got you covered.

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One-on-One Coaching

ShowUp! One-on-One Coaching for companies and organizations is the perfect solution for your high potentials and management/executive track employees. You’ve identified these employees to lead your organization into the future and want to groom them to “show up” by branding, packaging and present themselves for leadership success. They have honed their technical skills – now they simply need to sharpen their soft skills. We coach and guide them through a hands-on process – engaging in dialogue, activities, assignments, and providing them with the tools they need to get ahead. Contact us for more information.

Individual Solutions

Perceptions can be the difference between winning and losing—the job, sale, promotion, vote and much more. How your customers, colleagues and constituents perceive and judge you—and how you brand, package and present yourself—is what ultimately moves the needle.

How would the people who could make or break your success describe BrandYOU?

Personal Branding

  • Your brand is working 24 hours a day—but is it communicating what you want?
  • Do you know how your customers, colleagues and superiors perceive you? Is it accurate—or is there a perception gap?
  • Do you know what differentiates you from the competition?
  • Is BrandYOU engaging and memorable?
  • Do you know what others say about you when you’re not in the room – and is it exactly what you want it to be?

BrandYOU is your unique offerings and values as defined by your intrinsic core attributes and your outer packaging. Simply, it’s your REPUTATION – and you need it to work as hard as you do.

ShowUp! guides you through a process to discover, define and discern your personal brand. We do so by helping you to:

  • Validate how others perceive you, and develop strategies to overcome any perception gaps
  • Assess your core attributes and identify which make you distinct
  • Define BrandYOU so that it aligns with your target audience and desired results
  • Articulate your brand through your personal brand statement/pitch
  • Activate your off line and on line personal brand visibility campaign

Our comprehensive personal brand coaching program is delivered in conjunction with Personal Branding Guru and Forbes magazine contributor William Arruda’s 360Reach Survey Tool, the world’s first and leading personal brand survey that will help you understand your brand from the outside-in.

YOUR Virtual
Personal Brand Coach
Not located in the Washington DC Metropolitan area? Don’t fret… we will work with you virtually – via Skype or another video chat platform. You can expect a quality experience in the comfort of your office, home or wherever. To learn more, contact us today.


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Executive Presence

ShowUp! Executive Presence Coaching aligns four core elements that, when perfected, enable you to present a total package: appearance, behavior and communication. And, from here, you’ll be able to leverage these foundational accelerators so you’re operating at your fullest capability every day.

showupllc_icoElement 1: Appearance – Style that speaks to your strengths

If you want to be the part you need to look the part. Whether time, desire, know-how or resources are holding you back, ShowUp! will help you gain the valuable personal styling and wardrobe management you need to project the image and personal brand you desire.

  • Profile assessments and discovery to identify your lifestyle, goals, challenges and aspirations
  • Creating a signature look that exudes your individuality
  • Identifying the right colors, styles and patterns to accentuate your best features, and convey your desired message
  • Personal shopping and wardrobe building
  • Closet reviews and audits to design a functional, practical space
  • Hair, makeup and grooming assessments, treatments and support
  • Accessorizing for the wow factor

showupllc_icoElements 2&3: Words That Matter & Tone at the Top

Speak, project and engage like a pro, and you’ll be instantly perceived as a strong, confident and capable professional—and that makes all the difference. Whether in a meeting, interview, networking event or, simply, engaging with your peers and colleagues, your ability to effortlessly communicate effectively is essential to getting ahead. Together we’ll tackle the ins and outs of effective, powerful communication coaching topics including:

  • Voice, tone, pace and pitch
  • Words and phrases that help, and those that hurt you
  • Sales speak
  • Elevator intros and the 30-second pitch
  • Savvy networking
  • Communicating up and effectively engaging with superiors

showupllc_icoElement 4: Behavior – Acting the part

You’ve got the look, you’ve nailed the chatter and now it’s time to bring it all together into one high-performing package. Done right, you’ll be one step closer to the corner office…

Being perceived as polished, poised and professional starts from the moment you walk into a room, and continues through your conversations, meetings, meals, social events and even in the elevator. What’s it all about? Projecting an image of who you are and, more importantly, who you want to be:

Interact, intermingle, and conduct yourself as the successful leader you are through:

  • Proper business etiquette: handshakes, introductions, dining and more
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication techniques: gestures, eye contact, posture and other signs that you’re in control

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Personal Style

By enhancing your visual calling card – yourself – you’ll look better, feel better and be able to fully show up looking the part, in every way.

Whether you want to:

  • Find just the right outfit for a special event/occasion;
  • Streamline your closet so that you aren’t overwhelmed in the morning or “never have anything to wear”
  • Learn what colors look best on you and how to dress to strengths and your unique body type and features
  • Build a working wardrobe that saves you time and money
  • Experience a total makeover – we’ve got you covered

Where do I start!? I loved the closet audit and the shopping trip equally. Annette is a true advocate for her clients and she has an impressive handle on the right look and feel for them, because she spends time getting to know us! [….] Annette also took me on a tour of my closet and brought new life to shirts, skirts and dresses that I had long put to rest, simply by adding a belt, a scarf or some bling to the outfit!”

Laura Labovich, CEO The Career Strategy Group

Click here to view before/after pictures and read our customer testimonials to see how our personal style sessions have made an impact for our clients.

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Professional Speaking Solutions

Professional Speaker
Professional Speaker
Professional Speaker Flyer
ShowUp! offers powerful, action-oriented keynotes, workshops and seminars designed to wow audiences of all sizes, from large group sessions to intimate seminars and personalized workshops. Interactivity, questions and engaging audience dialogue is encouraged and welcomed, ensuring all participants can gain the same necessary skills and motivation as our one-on-one clients – and your participants feel empowered the moment they walk out of the room.

[….] Because of this powerful session, our fellows are one step closer to their next promotion. NHLI is looking forward to working with Annette Harris and ShowUp! in the future.

Ann Marquez, President of National Hispana Leadership Institute

Choose from one of our sessions:

  • Flagship Topic: Your Personal Brand – Relevance. Respect. Reputation. Results!
  • Executive Presence for Leaders
  • Leadership Communication
  • You’ve Got Substance. Now Get the Style.TM
  • Heels to DealsTM
  • From Campus to CorporateTM
  • Dine with DignityTM

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